General Rules

  • We prefer you use only one launchpad.

  • We allow a maximum total of 1 project launch in 3 days.

Project Owners

  • We expect minimum presale tokens of 65%. All tokens outside the sale must be explained and locked with a third party locker.

  • The token sales price must be equal to the DEX listing price.

  • Liquidity lock-up period must be at least 6 months

  • Target raise amounts are in stages depending on the level of your project: 50,000 USDT, 75000 USDT and 100,000 USDT.

  • Project owners have a vesting period of 1 week for the USDT going to their wallets. 50% at TGE then 50% after 7 days.

  • We refund the remaining USDT to investors in case of your nonchalant attitude to the project.

  • Minimum liquidity of 65% of raised USDT

  • Liquidity should be added in batches to maintain order, we recommend 70% of total liquidity allocation at TGE, then 30% after 3 days.

Project Investors

  • Investors have a minimum vesting period of 3 days in the following manner: 40%, 30% and 30%.

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